Dr. Ryan P. Doyle, DC Head Coach and Co-owner of Men & Women of Iron Fr33dom Inc.

Dr. Ryan Doyle
Head Coach and Co-owner of Men & Women of Iron Fr33dom Inc.

Dr. Ryan Doyle is an experienced Doctor of Chiropractics. In 2002, he obtained his instructor certification from The Pettibon Institute, where he teaches medical professionals a plethora of topics to advance their knowledge of spinal-neuro biomechanics. In addition, Dr. Doyle is a certified trainer WARRIOR with Garret J White.

I HELP chiropractors and entrepreneurs unf$ck themselves! Ultimately, I assist healthcare owners create traction, meaning & FR33DOM out of the OVERWHELM of growing their business and family. Master mentor of the Men and Women of Iron Experience. We utilize a no holds barred habit based training called FR33DOM FORMULA challenge that forges men and women of Iron.

Dr. Amelia Rodrock

Dr. Amelia Rodrock, DC is a Chiropractor in Lawrence, Kansas. he has been in practice since 2013. Her husband, Jeremy, is also a Chiropractor and coach. Between them, they have four children between the ages of 19 and 22. Amelia has a passion for helping women uncover the stories that have them play small in life so they can thrive to their full potential. She is a coach with Men and Women of Iron, working with other women and helping them live kick-ass lives! 



Dr. Jeremy Rodrock, DC
Chriopractor & Coach

Jeremy Rodrock, D.C., was born in Leoti, Kansas and grew up on a wheat farm.  He learned the meaning of hard work and taking pride in your work. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College-KC in 2000. After Chiropractic College he began practice in Baldwin City Kansas in January of 2001.  He practices with passion, total commitment and hard work.  He and his wife run multimillion dollar practices, own multiple successful businesses, and is part of the Men and Women of Iron coaching group.


Dr. Jimmy Lopez, DC


Nick Gemmel


Sunny Smith


CJ Benkert


Andrea Friese


Do you feel stuck in life? Directionless? Like you’re spinning your wheels? You’re working hard but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting closer to your goals… which might not be crystal clear in the first place. Well you’re not alone. Countless Men and Women of Iron have started in the exact place, but by using the Fr33dom Formula they’ve been able to summit the tallest mountains of life. Join us in our new free private Facebook group where you will be able to participate in the challenge and tons more resources and live trainings for Chiropractors who need to level up in life. 


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Amilia joined Men and Women of Iron because she was feeling pissed off that all of the personal development programs she’d come across before were only geared towards men. She found her place in Men and Women of Iron and her life and practice completely transformed. Her transformation encouraged Jeremy to hop on board as he was feeling like he was treading water in his life and business. What a transformation they went through as individuals and as a team. Check their story out!

Sunny Smith completely freed herself from all that was holding her back by joining us at Men and Women of Iron. She was carrying so much responsibility, feelings and negative experiences on her shoulders that she couldn’t stay afloat. Watch her account of how The Fr33dom Formula made all the difference in her life

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He talks about what a bad place he was in all aspects of his life, and that he felt like he was losing everything. Fast forward to today and he finds the light in everyday life and found his Fr33dom. What a transformation! 💪

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